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Pittsburgh Jeweler Creates 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring Treasure Hunt to Thank Community

Posted by admin | Posted in Weird Diamond News | Posted on 11-05-2010

There are many ways to be a good neighbor. And one Pittsburgh jeweler is showing their thanks to the community with a special treasure hunt. The prize? A 1.5 carat diamond ring! Now we knew that we had your attention! The Shadyside’s Henne Jewelers’ treasure hunt will be held on May 22nd.

The glittery, shiny prize is a Mark Patterson diamond ring of 1.5 carats with a value of $15,000. To join the jewelry store’s treasure hunt, simply register at their website, We’re sure they’ll see a great response from the community!

What a thoughtful (and glittery!) way to thank the community. They’ve even gone hi-tech with their treasure hunt, allowing contestants to send in treasure hunt questions via their cell phones through texting.

Here are some tips to be a successful treasure hunter. To win a treasure hunt takes a bit of luck as well as skill, but our tips can certainly put you ahead of the pack. Good luck on your way to finding glittery, lovely baubles!

  1. Follow the rules. If the diamond treasure hunt says to show up at 9am then come just a little before this time so you are there right on time. Make sure to allow a little extra time for a big crowd, parking your card and registering if you haven’t taken care of that yet. All of the rules exist for a purpose. Not following them can keep you far, far away from the all things glittery and shiny!
  2. Wear something cute and comfortable. A treasure hunt is both a mental and physical activity. You need to figure out the clues logically and creatively and also walk (or drive) to different places. Make sure your outfit is comfortable and cute and that you’ve got the right shoes on for walking. Now why should your outfit be cute too? Probably because you’ll be photographed as the diamond treasure hunt winner!
  3. Bring a bottle of water and an easy to eat snack with you. There’s nothing like being involved in something exciting like a diamond treasure hunt and realizing that your stomach is rumbling. Have a hearty breakfast like yogurt and fruit or oatmeal and then pack a bottle of water and an easy to eat and very portable snack so you’ve always got something quick to eat that will give you energy. Good choices are protein bars or fruit or dried fruit and nuts.
  4. Remember to charge your cell phone, bring a tiny notebook and pen and other practical items with you. Read the rules carefully to see if there are any items you should bring with you. For some treasure hunts, you will actually find the item itself. We have a hunch this jewelry store will hide something to represent the diamond ring and then you trade it for the ring itself. But bringing a clean sandwich baggie along with you to put clues in, a tiny notebook and pen, a mini calculator and a charged cell phone could all be great ideas. The more prepared you are, the better a time you will have.
  5. Remember a diamond treasure hunt is all about the fun of the prize. There will be lots of people to enter and only one winner. It’s okay to get your hopes up, just don’t get them up so high you’re disappointed to not win. Then again, it will be quite helpful to know which finger you would put the ring on and what your ring size is…



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