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Prince Albert of Monaco Engaged to Charlene Wittstock with $100k Diamond Ring

Posted by admin | Posted in Diamond Advice | Posted on 12-07-2010

Albert II, Prince of Monaco
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Some men certainly know how to say, “I do” with panache and style! Prince Albert of Monaco is recently engaged to the lovely Charlene Wittstock. Miss. Wittstock is wearing a contemporary diamond engagement ring estimated in value at $100K. This lovely sparkly diamond ring has a center stone of an eye-popping 3 carats, and lots of glittering sparkly stones all around the rest of the ring.

This unique and artistic engagement ring was designed by Maison Repossi in Paris, France. Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock officially announced their engagement this past week, appearing in on June 24th. The couple lean towards each other and hold hands, with the glittering diamond engagement ring centering in the photograph. For those of us who love diamonds…we would say that it came close to stealing the show! But for those of us who love romance, we know nothing could compete with a couple in love.

The design is called “Tethys” and it features a pear-shaped diamond in gray gold. This large pear-shaped diamond has smaller diamonds surrounding it. It is a lovely ring, ideal for a lovely woman.

The couple plan to marry in the summer of 2011 but a date has not been announced. Royal watchers will certainly be excited to be waiting for a royal wedding for the Prince Albert and his lovely bride. With a beautiful ring as the “Tethys” one can only imagine just how amazing the royal wedding for this couple could be!

The happy couple smiled for their official engagement photo released internationally. Wittstock, graceful and elegant is a former champion swimmer. The official engagement photo features Wittstock in a stunning sea foam halter dress that is very feminine and her charming Prince is wearing a sophisticated formal suit and tie.

This is a diamond style we have not seen before, and are curious to see if it will start a trend. Just as many followed in Lady Di’s footsteps to emulate her haircut and wedding dress, it is easy to imagine many longing for the same engagement ring as the lovely Wittstock has received. This new “Tethys” engagement ring could be starting one of the hot, new trends in engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Among Royal watchers and the fashion-conscious, following such trends in quite popular. One this is for certain: this ring is contemporary, eye-catching and stunning. The lovely new Princess will receive many admiring glances at her new engagement ring and compliments for the happy couple.

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  1. Such amazing diamond reminds me of one question: Why so many people are crazy about diamond jewelry? For the less privilege, diamond means nothing more than luxury! However, for most people, diamond is not only looks amazing, but also it develops a further meaning of love: forever! People want to keep theri love as is the diamonds will be the witness of their forever love.

    Diamond, a substitute of luxury and dignity!

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