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Miami Dolphin Kendall Langford Loses Diamond Earring and Asks Teammates for Help

Posted by admin | Posted in Celebrity Diamond News | Posted on 05-10-2010

Kendall Langford
Image via Wikipedia

When you lose a diamond, it’s always hard searching for it alone. As Kendall Langford is a Miami Dolphin and he lost the diamond during a practice session, he asked his teammates to help him find his diamond stud earring when it went missing. According to, Langford lost the diamond stud earring during a Miami Dolphins practice.

The diamond stud earring was 2.5 karats and might be worth more than 50k, but Langford will not state its actual value. Langford and his teammates spent about an hour, searching for the diamond stud earring – but simply couldn’t find it. (watch the video and you’ll see them looking for it!) Langford noticed the earring was gone about halfway through their practice.

Langford is a dedicated football player with years of experience playing this athletic and active sport. Langford was drafted for the Miami Dolphins for the 2008 NFL Draft. Langford played football for Hampton college prior to playing for the Miami Dolphins. He was a letterman for four years from 2004 to 2007. He played football in high school in Petersburgh, Virginia. Langford earned First Team All-District honors during his junior year in 2002. He also was First-Team, All-District and Second-Team All-Metro and Second-Team All-Region honors during his senior year. He was born in Petersburg, Virginia.

Ryan Baker, a defensive end told the Palm Beach Post that he remembered seeing it and thinking it was a nice diamond.

Langford and his teammates could not find the earring but Langford said he would search again after attending some meetings.

We wish Langford luck in finding his diamond stud earring. Hopefully he’ll find it. You know what they say: it’s always the last place you look!

Here are some of our favorite tips to avoid losing your diamond earrings:

  • Have a special jewelry box or trinket box where you keep your diamond earrings. Take them off and put them on every day – and put them back in the jewelry box or trinket box.
  • Give yourself a place to take off your diamond earrings as you shower. No one likes to think about a diamond earring going down the drain! Keeping a pretty china saucer or trinket cup in your bathroom gives you a place to keep them as you shower.
  • Develop a morning routine and stick to it. So you always put on your earrings after you’ve put on your makeup or after you’ve had your coffee. Whatever your routine is – keeping your routine will help you wear your diamond earrings regularly to enjoy them.
  • Traveling and bringing your diamond earrings with you? Remember a jewelry travel pouch or other jewelry carry-all for your diamond earrings. Keep your diamond earrings in it when you are not wearing them.


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Carrie Underwood’s Married and Wearing a Stunning 5 Carat Engagement Ring!

Posted by admin | Posted in Celebrity Diamond News | Posted on 15-08-2010

Congratulations to the lovely Carrie Underwood. She is wearing a 5-carat diamond engagement ring. According to Subprimeblogger, diamond experts state the 5 carat diamond may be worth $150K or even more. Carrie Underwood’s diamond engagement ring was designed by Jonathon Arndt.


Carrie Underwood is the popular country singer and songwriter who won the fourth season of American Idol. She is also an actor. Underwood is a multiple Grammy Award winner. She is known for her beautiful voice and sentimental songs. Underwood’s albums include Some Hearts, Carnival Ride and Play On. Each of her albums has had #1 country music song hits and has been very successful. Underwood is many people’s favorite country music singer by far!

Carrie married her wonderful husband Mike Fisher in July of this year. Not only is her glittery diamond engagement ring truly stunning – reports say their wedding has been estimated to have cost half a million dollars! That is certainly an elegant and grand affair to remember.

How wonderful this lovely couple have celebrated their love so grandly and expansively. According to, the happy couple married on July 10th in Georgia. They live in Canada now as hubby Mike Fisher plays for the hockey team the Senators.

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher on their new marriage!

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Prince Albert of Monaco Engaged to Charlene Wittstock with $100k Diamond Ring

Posted by admin | Posted in Diamond Advice | Posted on 12-07-2010

Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Image via Wikipedia

Some men certainly know how to say, “I do” with panache and style! Prince Albert of Monaco is recently engaged to the lovely Charlene Wittstock. Miss. Wittstock is wearing a contemporary diamond engagement ring estimated in value at $100K. This lovely sparkly diamond ring has a center stone of an eye-popping 3 carats, and lots of glittering sparkly stones all around the rest of the ring.

This unique and artistic engagement ring was designed by Maison Repossi in Paris, France. Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock officially announced their engagement this past week, appearing in on June 24th. The couple lean towards each other and hold hands, with the glittering diamond engagement ring centering in the photograph. For those of us who love diamonds…we would say that it came close to stealing the show! But for those of us who love romance, we know nothing could compete with a couple in love.

The design is called “Tethys” and it features a pear-shaped diamond in gray gold. This large pear-shaped diamond has smaller diamonds surrounding it. It is a lovely ring, ideal for a lovely woman.

The couple plan to marry in the summer of 2011 but a date has not been announced. Royal watchers will certainly be excited to be waiting for a royal wedding for the Prince Albert and his lovely bride. With a beautiful ring as the “Tethys” one can only imagine just how amazing the royal wedding for this couple could be!

The happy couple smiled for their official engagement photo released internationally. Wittstock, graceful and elegant is a former champion swimmer. The official engagement photo features Wittstock in a stunning sea foam halter dress that is very feminine and her charming Prince is wearing a sophisticated formal suit and tie.

This is a diamond style we have not seen before, and are curious to see if it will start a trend. Just as many followed in Lady Di’s footsteps to emulate her haircut and wedding dress, it is easy to imagine many longing for the same engagement ring as the lovely Wittstock has received. This new “Tethys” engagement ring could be starting one of the hot, new trends in engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Among Royal watchers and the fashion-conscious, following such trends in quite popular. One this is for certain: this ring is contemporary, eye-catching and stunning. The lovely new Princess will receive many admiring glances at her new engagement ring and compliments for the happy couple.

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Our Favorite Diamond Quotes

Posted by admin | Posted in Weird Diamond News | Posted on 20-06-2010

Cropped screenshot of Zsa Zsa Gabor from the t...
Image via Wikipedia

Ahh, diamonds. The mere thought of them thrills us to the bone. There’s nothing more exciting that lovely, sparkly and shimmery diamonds. And we’re not the only folks who feel this way. There are plenty of others who have thought about diamonds too.

We’re not the only ones to think about diamonds. Plenty of famous and not-so-famous people think about diamonds all the time. That’s why we’re sharing with you their thoughts about diamonds…so you realize you too are a diamond diva at heart. Why we knew it all along! Every woman has an inner diamond diva when she loves diamonds so.

We’d like to share with you some of our favorite diamond quotes. Some of them you’ll probably recognize immediately and others will become new favorites. But one thing is for certain – you’ll know you have lots of company in being a lover of diamonds!

“Big girls need big diamonds.” – Elizabeth Taylor

“Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” – Malcolm Forbes

“Diamonds never leave you…men do!” – Shirley Bassey

“I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.” – Joan Rivers

“I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back.” — Zsa Zsa Gabor

“No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle

“But this is Miami, you can’t come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you’re all covered up in this heat, you’re gonna make me pass out just to look at you. It’s sweaty in Miami – but the diamonds will keep me cool.” – Lil’ Kim

“Diamonds – that’ll shut her up…for a minute!” – Ron White

“Diamonds are forever, my youth is not.” – Jill St. John

And our favorite…a great classic diamond quote:

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – Leo Robin

So do you have any new favorite diamond quotes now? Recognize any favorites? We’re sure you do! Add a new diamond quote to your desk, jewelry box or the refrigerator to remind you of your beloved and sparkly friends. Our diamonds are always there, just like our friends and family. If you are in need of a good laugh or a smile, one of these great diamond quotes will be waiting there for you, peeking out of your jewelry box or right on the refrigerator as you go to get something. Reminding you about your love of diamonds. What could be more wonderful? We can’t think of many things that are….

Some of these are quite funny and remind us just how special and treasured our diamonds are in our lives. Some of these quotes are great to laugh at – as they make it sound like diamonds always come first in our lives – and to any diamond lover sometimes we do feel that way! But truly our diamonds have always been the give of love and long-lasting romantic love. So our diamonds are very close to our hearts, with great meaning and sentimentality. We live our lives and our diamonds glitter right along with us in every moment.

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Pittsburgh Jeweler Creates 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring Treasure Hunt to Thank Community

Posted by admin | Posted in Weird Diamond News | Posted on 11-05-2010

There are many ways to be a good neighbor. And one Pittsburgh jeweler is showing their thanks to the community with a special treasure hunt. The prize? A 1.5 carat diamond ring! Now we knew that we had your attention! The Shadyside’s Henne Jewelers’ treasure hunt will be held on May 22nd.

The glittery, shiny prize is a Mark Patterson diamond ring of 1.5 carats with a value of $15,000. To join the jewelry store’s treasure hunt, simply register at their website, We’re sure they’ll see a great response from the community!

What a thoughtful (and glittery!) way to thank the community. They’ve even gone hi-tech with their treasure hunt, allowing contestants to send in treasure hunt questions via their cell phones through texting.

Here are some tips to be a successful treasure hunter. To win a treasure hunt takes a bit of luck as well as skill, but our tips can certainly put you ahead of the pack. Good luck on your way to finding glittery, lovely baubles!

  1. Follow the rules. If the diamond treasure hunt says to show up at 9am then come just a little before this time so you are there right on time. Make sure to allow a little extra time for a big crowd, parking your card and registering if you haven’t taken care of that yet. All of the rules exist for a purpose. Not following them can keep you far, far away from the all things glittery and shiny!
  2. Wear something cute and comfortable. A treasure hunt is both a mental and physical activity. You need to figure out the clues logically and creatively and also walk (or drive) to different places. Make sure your outfit is comfortable and cute and that you’ve got the right shoes on for walking. Now why should your outfit be cute too? Probably because you’ll be photographed as the diamond treasure hunt winner!
  3. Bring a bottle of water and an easy to eat snack with you. There’s nothing like being involved in something exciting like a diamond treasure hunt and realizing that your stomach is rumbling. Have a hearty breakfast like yogurt and fruit or oatmeal and then pack a bottle of water and an easy to eat and very portable snack so you’ve always got something quick to eat that will give you energy. Good choices are protein bars or fruit or dried fruit and nuts.
  4. Remember to charge your cell phone, bring a tiny notebook and pen and other practical items with you. Read the rules carefully to see if there are any items you should bring with you. For some treasure hunts, you will actually find the item itself. We have a hunch this jewelry store will hide something to represent the diamond ring and then you trade it for the ring itself. But bringing a clean sandwich baggie along with you to put clues in, a tiny notebook and pen, a mini calculator and a charged cell phone could all be great ideas. The more prepared you are, the better a time you will have.
  5. Remember a diamond treasure hunt is all about the fun of the prize. There will be lots of people to enter and only one winner. It’s okay to get your hopes up, just don’t get them up so high you’re disappointed to not win. Then again, it will be quite helpful to know which finger you would put the ring on and what your ring size is…


    UK Couple Celebrates Their Diamond Wedding Anniversary

    Posted by admin | Posted in Romantic Advice, Weird Diamond News | Posted on 04-03-2010

    Stonehouse couple Ron and Sheila Page celebrated their diamond-wedding anniversary on Thursday, February 25th 2010. Even years filled with challenge couldn’t keep this happy couple apart. A diamond-wedding anniversary! What could be more wonderful than to celebrate a life event with diamonds?

    The Page couple met in July 1949 at the old Blue Ballroom on Eastbourne Pier. Ron went over to Sheila and asked her for a dance. Nearly six months later they married at St.Michael and All Angels Church in Eastington on February 15, 1950.

    Just three weeks later, Ron had to leave for the Far East due to his serving in the RAF. He left Sheila and their first-born son Clive at home until they could be with him in Hong Kong during his final deployment year.

    After returning home to Kent, Sheila gave birth to their second child, a daughter Angela. The family then relocated to Germany for two and a half years and then to Yorkshore for awhile until Ron went by himself to the RAF Gan office located in the Indian Ocean for a final service year.

    The couple is now retired and they now have four grandchildren and five great grandchildren. They live in Stonehouse and have many fun hobbies. Shelia enjoys painting and volunteer work. Ron likes to do photography and swims at a local pool.

    Ron and Shelia credit their relationship staying together in part to sending each other love letters. Getting a love letter in the mail was a way to know the other was thinking of them, even while far away. We can imagine the two must be very good at writing love letters and keeping the lines of communication open – to reach their wonderful diamond anniversary!

    Every anniversary is special but your diamond anniversary is extra special. Why not celebrate it with custom diamond jewelry designed for the bride and groom. Create jewelry to celebrate the two of you as a couple. A jeweler who specializes in diamonds can create jewelry to signify the milestones the two of you have faced together. Whether it is a new ring, pendant, bracelet or other type of diamond jewelry – this diamond anniversary jewelry will be especially unique as only the two of you will have it. What could be more special and expressive for both the bride and groom to share? Diamonds are the ideal way to express your love. Timeless, pure and everlasting – a diamond simply says it all.

    Reaching a diamond-wedding anniversary in this day and age is a significant life achievement. Every diamond lover knows how special diamonds are – it’s easy to see how important your diamond wedding anniversary is.

    Here are some popular wedding anniversaries and the appropriate gift for them.

    1st wedding anniversary – paper

    5th wedding anniversary – wood

    10th wedding anniversary – tin or aluminum

    15th wedding anniversary – crystal

    20th wedding anniversary – china

    25th wedding anniversary – silver

    30th wedding anniversary – pearl

    35th wedding anniversary – coral

    40th wedding anniversary – ruby

    45th wedding anniversary – sapphire

    50th wedding anniversary – gold

    55th wedding anniversary – emerald

    60th wedding anniversary – diamond

    75th wedding anniversary – platinum


    Who Will The Bachelor Choose With the Final Rose and Engagement Ring?

    Posted by admin | Posted in Romantic Advice, Weird Diamond News | Posted on 17-02-2010

    Bachelor fans this season are looking forward to what appears to be the most dramatic and exciting final rose ceremony ever on ABC’s The Bachelor reality show. While the show won’t appear for another week, spoilers are now appearing on television related blogs and fans are wondering exactly which lovely lady will be receiving that final rose and *gasp* that much sought after diamond engagement ring. Do you have any guesses?

    Jake Pavelka Bachelor

    Jake Pavelka Bachelor

    Jake Pavelka is a very tempting bachelor and it is easy to see exactly why so many women have hoped to have that final rose handed to them. With a charming smile and piercing blue eyes, this good-looking pilot from Texas sounds like the perfect sought after single man so many women hope to find. A very good catch indeed! Now we are down to just two women considered to be the future Mrs. Pavelka. Here’s hoping Jake finds the love of his life on the Bachelor and hands this diamond engagement ring to the perfect lucky lady of his dreams. Many may remember Jake as he did appear on an episode of The Bachelorette and have a date with Jillian Harris. He was a “fan favorite” as the great guy with lots of honesty and an open heart. But Jillian rejected Jake and chose another guy instead. What was she thinking we wonder???

    Vienna is one of the young women in competition for Jake. According to the ABC site for The Bachelor Jake himself says this about Vienna: “She’s the life of the party. She’s very blunt and very honest about her intentions. She’s intense.”

    Tenley is the other young woman competing for Jake. A 25 year old college administrator, she’s hung high hopes on Jake. According to the ABC site for The Bachelor, Tenley says, “Jake is the first man I’ve kissed since my ex-husband.”

    So far spoilers and hints from the show are leaning towards Vienna as the one who will be wearing the diamond engagement ring on her finger. With the other bachelorette Tenley sent home to polish off a tub of ice cream to drown her sorrows.

    The last episode showed Bachelor Jake Paveka looking at Vienna’s hand and asking which type of engagement ring she liked. While this seemed a bit over the top, and giving away the ending of the show – he probably asked the same question of Tenley and they simply didn’t air that part. We’re wondering if they showed this part with Vienna to keep us guessing who wins or to surprise us with a different bachelor than the one we think is going to win.

    The show’s host Chris Harrison asked Pavelka if he was pleased with his final decision, viewers saw him answer “yes.” Apparently in reality there was a long pregnant pause before Pavelka answered the question. Leaving us to wonder about his decision and this final rose ceremony with the much sought after diamond engagement ring. Oh the tension and excitement is building! We don’t think we can stand it much longer!

    Now we wonder if Pavelka chose a bachelorette and now regrets his decision. Who do you think he chose – Vienna or Tenley? And if he chose one of them, do you think he regrets his initial decision and wishes he chose the other one? Tell us Bachelor fans – who do you think is going to be handed that final rose and get that wonderful, sparkly diamond engagement ring on her finger? At this point…time will only tell…

    Hilary Duff’s Wearing a $1Million Dollar Engagement Ring!

    Posted by admin | Posted in Romantic Advice, Weird Diamond News | Posted on 15-02-2010

    Hilary Duff’s had an exciting 2010 so far. This month (February), the petite and pretty actress got engaged to popular NHL player Mike Comrie. The two have been together for two years before Comrie popped the question this February. While the happy couple has not set an official date for the wedding…everyone is abuzz about Hillary’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring…worth $1Million! Now that’s a way to pop the question to the girl of your dreams!

    Hilary Duff is both an actress and a singer. Well known for the television show Lizzie McGuire, Duff has appeared in many movies including Cheaper by the Dozen, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and A Cinderella Story. Her albums include her first album Metamorphosis which was certified triple platinum and Dignity, which was, certified Gold. Duff is known for great dance tunes like “With Love,” “Stranger,” and “Reach Out.” Best of Hillary Duff was released in 2008 and had her third #1 Billboard hit song, “Reach Out.”

    Hockey player Mike Comrie gave Hillary Duff a 4.5 carat sparkler of a ring. Comrie has a $10Million three-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers. We can see the Comrie is really following that old “rule of thumb” about the woman’s engagement ring being worth a significant portion of the man’s income. A million dollar diamond engagement ring shows off a lot of sparkle and shimmer on any woman’s finger. And we couldn’t think of anyone more lovely than the well known actress Hillary Duff to receive such a stunning bauble.

    One may wonder how a petite actress will manage with such a large diamond – it may be a bit heavy on her hand! Fans will be glad to know Hillary was all smiles and grins as the happy couple took a fun vacation to Hawaii last week. Hillary was spotted wearing her fresh and new diamond engagement ring out by the pool. We hope the lifeguard was watching the swimmers – the light from Hillary’s engagement ring could have gotten in his eyes. We know how a beautiful diamond will sparkle – just imagine how a 4.5 carat diamond sparkles under the Hawaiian sunlight!

    We know that this diamond may very well steal the spotlight for a short time. It’s not every day you see a beautiful 4.5 carat diamond on such a lovely young woman’s hand. A rather unique sight to be seen. Hillary Duff has always been a head turner and with this latest sparkler we think she is going to turn even more heads and perhaps strain a couple of necks. She may even cause a bit of envy among fellow diamond lovers who are a few carats shy of that 4.5 carats she has on her hand!

    This couple seems meant to be together. Recently they purchased a charming $10Million dollar home in Beverly Hills, California. Looks like they are feathering their nest….could the pitter patter of little feet be far behind? We’ll just have to see….


    Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock Shows Off Diamond Engagement Ring At Golden Globes

    Posted by admin | Posted in Weird Diamond News | Posted on 27-01-2010

    The Golden Globes is a night of glamour and glitz, and this year was no different. But for Jane Krakowski – this year’s Golden Globes was special indeed. Krakowski had a little extra special to share. Especially noticed was her glowing smile and her lovely diamond engagement ring. stated Krakowski wore her diamond engagement ring for the evening – a large square-cut stone on a platinum band. For the Golden Globe awards she wore a purple gown, drawing fans and photographers to her like bees to honey.

    Husband-to-be Robert Godley was going to propose as they traveled to London but their flight was canceled. Godley proposed during the holiday season. Godley is the co-founder of Psycho Bunny, an upscale menswear clothing business. Krakowski said he found another way to propose. As we can see, she said Yes!

    Fans especially know Krakowski for her role as Jenna Maroney on the TV network themed 30 Rock. She also played the funny law secretary Elaine Vassal on the very popular Ally McBeal. Krakowski won Screen Actors Guild Awards for both roles. She has performed on both television and the stage.

    The newly-engaged woman may not have such a glamorous occasion as the Golden Globes to launch her engagement ring on the world. But there are many ways you can show off your lovely new diamond – and be sure to get many compliments. You don’t have to be a big Hollywood star to deserve the spotlight for awhile. Everyone deserves a little special attention – especially the newly engaged. But quite often you need to let people in your life know that you are newly engaged. Don’t want to tell them outright? Don’t worry – here comes the easy part! Try some of our favorite ways to show off your new glitter and sparkle:

    Throw an engagement party and let everyone congratulate you on the engagement. This is the perfect time for family and friends to gawk and compliment your stunning diamond ring.

    Whether daytime or nighttime – always keep your hands and nails in tip-top shape. The newly engaged woman needs to keep up with her manicure appointments. This little tip alone will have far more people noticing your lovely new diamond engagement ring than many other tips we could think to share with you.

    Reach out and shake hands, pat people on the shoulder, point with your hand – do things that draw attention to your right hand. It will be a very easy next step to notice that glittery, sparkly lovely diamond engagement ring you are wearing. We bet you’ve noticed many engagement rings with this trick and didn’t even realize this trick was being done to you!

    Remember to share with those who compliment your ring what type of ring it is and how your husband proposed. Many are curious as to what type of diamond ring you are wearing – there are so many styles available today. Some of the hottest trends available now include the colored diamonds. Your proposal story is always special and unique – family and friends will want to be sure to hear that in your own words! Congratulations!


    The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond Comes to the Silver Screen

    Posted by admin | Posted in Weird Diamond News | Posted on 15-01-2010

    Diamond lovers will be thrilled to know a new movie has been released this winter about the love of diamonds – and the fascinating woman who wore them. Now isn’t every woman who wears diamonds the most fascinating woman you know? We thought you would agree.

    The title truly captures one’s attention and is inspired by the loss of one of the heroine’s earrings. Teardrop diamond earrings sound so glamorous and romantic – and certainly the type of earrings to draw attention to the wearer. According to The Chicago Tribune’s film review, the screenplay for this movie was written in 1957 by Tennessee Williams. It is set in Memphis, Tennessee in 1923 during the Jazz Age. The heroine Fisher Willow is preparing for the ball season and loses one of her teardrop earrings. Willow’s life is far more dramatic than simply the loss of her favorite (and very costly) baubles. Her mother is in an institution and her alcoholic father works on the estate and becomes a gigolo – soon joining Willow on the ball circuit.

    It’s easy to see that this diamond themed movie is full of drama, romance and lush scenes of the South. The Jazz Age was an exciting time when women began to have more freedom – and the bold woman took more liberties such as “bobbing” her hair and dancing the Charleston (not certain if Willow does either of these things). For many men and women this was a fun and exciting time when both music and champagne flowed in a never-ending stream. It will be interesting to see how Tennessee Williams’ play is shown on the silver screen.

    Fisher Willow is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Other cast members include Ellen Burstyn and Will Patton.

    You don’t want to lose your teardrop earrings – or any of your diamond earrings for that matter. Here are some of our favorite tips for not losing your earrings:

    Have a special place to keep your diamond earrings. A small jewelry box or a portion of your jewelry box specific for your diamond earrings. Make this easily accessible for you to reach day and/or night.

    Get into the habit of putting away any of your jewelry as you undress. This will help keep you in the habit of putting away your diamond earrings. Diamond earrings – or any jewelry often gets lost when you put it down “somewhere” as you are going about your day. It is best if you can become quite habitual about when and where you take your jewelry off and what you do with it.

    Develop a monthly routine for cleaning your jewelry. Clean your jewelry the first weekend of the month for example. Or on the 15th of the month. This may mean you take out every piece in your jewelry box. But developing this habit will help you keep track of your diamond earrings. Notice we are strong on developing habits!

    Double-check the posts for your earrings, making sure they are secure. Buying new posts for your earrings is easy and often can be found at your jewelers within a day or so. Don’t ignore a loose earring with a post that needs to be replaced on your diamond earring!


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